zuboot episode

Zuboot – Stefanie Daneau & Oz Ahmad

Stefanie Daneau and Oz Ahmad, founders of Pepper Gang, discuss the challenging and rewarding experience building the lifestyle brand Zuboot during the pandemic.  They break down how they used and applied their extensive knowledge and experience...

jennifer brine aneufit episode

Jennifer Brine: Co-Founder of Aneufit

Jennifer Brine is a young entrepreneur and co-founder of Aneufit, a movement curriculum for the aging population, with the mission of improving physical wellness and reducing the risk of falling. In her words “My fondest and most precious memories...

james russomano nutley kia episode

James Russomano: Owner Nutley Auto Kia

I’m Russomano never thought he’d be in the car business. He was 29 when he began working at a dealership and quickly realized a new passion and career direction. At the time, customer satisfaction was unknown in the auto business and Jim...