About Us

founders Stefanie and Oz interviewing a business owner on Founder Thought podcast

At Founder Thought, we’re on a mission to help business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists get inspired, learn and grow from others that are making it happen. Founder Thought tells the stories of how it all began.


Founder Thought began as a podcast in 2021 by expert digital marketing gurus Stefanie Daneau and Oz Ahmad. These two have been through it all running a successful digital agency for the past 10 years and entrepreneurs themselves running and building multiple businesses over the same time. The podcast aims to tell the story of business owners, founders, and artists who have inspiring stories, learnings, and cool things to share. The podcast serves an audience of creative business owners, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneur-like individuals, through conversations about what it takes to build, grow, fail & succeed through interviews with experts and rising starts in their industry.